Toy Fair 2018 – McFarlane Toys

Toy Fair 2018 – McFarlane Toys

   Next up at Toy Fair is the “House that Spawn Built”, which has since grown into a sprawling pop culture mansion, McFarlane Toys.

    Named, of course, after legendary comic artist and creator of Spawn, Todd McFarlane, McFarlane Toys has steadily amassed an impressive portfolio of high profile licenses, including South Park and The Walking Dead. 

    This year, Mc Farlane added two huge new licenses: Stranger Things and Star Trek. The line for Stranger Things will include 6” figures in single blister card packaging, as well as deluxe sets which will include larger scale figures. McFarlane also announced that they would be making figures of the characters in their Ghostbusters outfits. The larger figures such as the Demogorgon will be in scale with the other characters. The figures look amazing with incredibly detailed face sculpts.

     Also debuting this year is McFarlane’s first Star Trek product. The first two figures due out are Captain Kirk (TOS uniform) and Captain Picard (TNG uniform). The face sculpts for both are astonishing, and a true testament to what McFarlane’s sculptors can do. McFarlane has been granted the Master Toy License for Star Trek, which includes everything related to the “main” Star Trek universe, meaning the J.J. Abrams movies are not included. However, the new series, Star Trek: Discovery, is included. In fact, the first two prop replicas McFarlane is producing will be from Discovery.

      Just before Toy Fair, McFarlane added one other major, new license. They announced they have been awarded the Master Toy License for the Call of Duty video game franchise. The first figures will debut later this year.

     In addition to the above items, McFarlane has also picked up the license for the popular Bad Neighbor video game, and will be produced both action figures and building sets. 

     In addition to the new licenses, McFarlane will be adding new items to all of their existing licenses, including Borderlands, The Walking Dead, Five Nights at Freddy’s, SportsPicks, and Spawn.

Here is our gallery from McFarlane

Thanks to Carmen and Chris at McFarlane Toys