Batman R.I.P.

Dark Times are coming for the Dark Knight as Grant Morrison ties all of his work on Batman together in a 6 issue storyline that will bring big changes to Batman. Read on for the complete story on the storyline that will change everything.

In May, Grant Morrison will pull all his dangling Batman storylines together in “Batman R.I.P.,” a storyline which is promising to break the Bat in ways that are far from physical, and, in the end, be a story whose title is, in fact, literal.

Plot details have been scarce, but there have been two major interviews concerning the crossover so far with Newsarama. The first is with Grant Morrison himself and can be read here. The second interview is with DC Universe Executive Editor Dan DiDio. That interview can be read here.

The storyline that will change the Legend of the Dark Knight forever is almost upon us. Stay tuned for all the latest, including reviews of each part of this groundbreaking storyline.

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