Detective Comics #967

Detective Comics #967

Detective Comics #967


  • Emotionally charged story
  • Touching scene between future Tim and Alfred
  • The introduction of Brother Eye
  • Beautiful art and colors


  • Spoiler still doesn't know

A Lonely Place of Living - Chapter 3

Writer - James Tynion IV Pencils - Alvaro Martinez Inks - Raul Fernandez Colors - Tomeu Morey & Jean Francois Beaulieu Letters - Sal Cipriano

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read the last two issues of Detective Comics, DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW.







     TIM DRAKE HAS RETURNED! Now, if you’ve read the last two issues of Detective, this is not news to you, but this is the issue where he is reunited with the team and the Bat-Family. i’m not going to go into too much detail, because this is a beautiful, emotional issue, but sufficed to say, the reunion has to wait. Because, the future Tim, now Batman, who escaped Mr. Oz’s Prison and traveled back to Gotham with Red Robin, is hell bent on killing Batwoman to prevent his future from happening.

      After the happy reunion at the Belfry, Batman and Tim work out that Future Tim would head for Wayne Manor. The issue ends with a confrontation between Future Tim and the Bat-Family in the Batcave, where future Tim reveals to Batman that he has finished the BROTHER EYE Program as he brings it online!

     I am a big fan of “payoff” issues. This is one of the best I have read. James Tynion IV rewards we the faithful, who have gobbled up every “bread crumb” leading to Tim’s return. Our rewards are the beautiful and emotional reunion scenes in the Hospital and the Belfry. I also love how Tim allows himself these reunion moments and then gets right back to business, working with Batman to work out the next moves for Future Tim. Also, I love them painting Future Tim as the “dark version” of himself. Also, using him as a means to introduce Brother Eye into the “Rebirth” continuity is a genius move.

     Likewise, the art team on this book continues to produce quality work, with Alvaro Martinez’ pencils and Raul Fernandez’ inks helping to illustrate this emotional story. The base art is only enhanced and further showcased by the rich colors of Tomeu Morey and Jean Francois Beaulieu. All in all, this continues to be a gorgeous looking book.

     IN THE END: This is a can’t miss issue, one of the most important of the run.