Detective Comics #970

Detective Comics #970

Detective Comics #970


  • Escalation of all major story lines
  • Clayface in the spotlight again
  • The viscious revenge of the Victim Syndicate
  • Continuing to make Anarky relevant again
  • Beautiful art, especially the Batcycle blur


  • Dr. October’s speech is a little preachy

Fall of the Batmen - Part 2

Writer - James Tynion IV Artist - Joe Bennett

     So, Tim is back, but so is the Victim Syndicate. It appears these two factions are headed for another collision, with Clayface caught in the middle. Also, Tim and Stephanie’s relationship takes an unexpected turn.

     Tim is in the Belfrey, with Stephanie. He has been tirelessly at work, comign up with new ways to expand the team’s effectiveness. Stephanie is worried about his obsession.

    Batman and the team, meanwhile, are trailing a semi-truck. Batwing and Azrael open the truck to discover a cyber assassins which have been programmed to fight like the team. Their core programming confirms Batman’s hunch. They are using the same footage that Mayor Akins showed Batman stills from.

     In her lab, Dr. October tells Clayface that the cure she has prepared will be ready in a few days. Clayface is hesitant, wondering what emotions and guilt he will still have if he is cured and whether or not he is prepared to deal with them. As always, Cassandra is there to offer her support. Clayface asks Dr. October to use the cure on Gloria, the “Mud Woman” member of the Victim Syndicate, who is currently in Arkham.

      Batwoman is visited by her at her apartment. He has come to warn her that a dossier has been released, with video of the team and Clayfave working with them. This is leading to discussions about the government intervening. The dossier’s author is shown as Red Robin.

     In the Belfrey, Red Robin confronts Spoiler, since the photos of the team came from her phone. Stephanie angrily denies it, and notices Anarky’s spyware in the source code of her phone. She also tells Tim that she discovered that he declined his university opportunity. She tells Tim she leaving, as she goes after Anarky, but she doesn’t specify what.

     Angry, Tim looks up Anarky’s location and finds it is Arkham. When he pulls up the video feed, he finds the cell blocks empty. 

     In Arkham, Clayface tells Gloria about the cure, but she refuses it.  Two guards then stun Clayfave and Gloria restrains him as Anarky and the First Victim watch.

     James Tynion IV continues the revenge of the Victim Syndicate in horrifying fashion. I am genuinely scared of what the next issue will bring. I am also so sad about the turn that Stephanie and Tim’s relationship seems to be taking. I hope they are not heading for the rocks. I am happy to see the Victim Syndicate were not just created as a “one off” and that they are being used again. 

     The art in this issue is by Joe Bennett and it is just beautiful. The characters, the settings, the blur on the Batcycle. It is all amazing.

     The only downside to this issue is that Tynion aid a little heavy handed is using Dr. Victoria’s words of advice to Clayface to send a message. Otherwise, escalation is the name of the game this issue.