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  • Funko: Game of Thrones Mystery Mini – Arya Stark
Funko: Game of Thrones Mystery Mini – Arya Stark

Funko: Game of Thrones Mystery Mini – Arya Stark

Funko: Game of Thrones Mystery Mini – Arya Stark


  • Clean, detailed paint application
  • Impressive sculpture for such a small figure
  • Appropriately suspicious eyes for a mini teen assassin


  • Only 4 fingers?
  • Inconsistencies with paint application on said 4 fingers
  • Confusing accessories


Game of Thrones, Edition 3 Mystery Mini, 1/12 chance of each, 3 possible Hot Topic Exclusives Just over 2 ½’’ tall


As you can probably tell, I had an absolute field day in the snow with this review. With a tagline like Winter is Coming, I just had to use the freshly frozen environment to my full advantage. As if Mystery Minis weren’t already a fun, activity driven toy experience. Anyway, this GOT Mystery Mini review is also a sort of part 2. Last time, I covered Night King from this same Edition 3 line. (Check out that review here) And this time, we have Mini Arya Stark of Winterfell–but, for this phase of the character: a girl has no name.




As with the Night King Mini, for some strange reason, this line of Mysteries has given its figures four fingers, instead of the standard five (at least for NK and Arya). I just really don’t get what it does for the figure–let alone, the franchise’s character–to have an unnatural shortage of digits. Even if the figures are mini, how much more space would one extra mini finger be for each hand? It takes me out of the GOT experience just looking at four fingers on such characters. The GOT universe is as much real, gritty, and human, as it is fantasy and medieval magic. In the case of Night King, the shape of his four fingered hands was also puffy and weird. While, in Arya’s defense, I have no issue with the shape of her hands. Just the number of fingers.


Otherwise, I loved the sculpt. For such a small figure at such a low price, I wouldn’t expect this kind of detail. Funko did a great job with her hair and braids. They carved all the hair out of what looks like one solid, vinyl brown piece. Arya’s outfit is cool, with surprisingly good detail on her sweater, especially. Excellent work on the skirt, finished off with the signature flat, geometric feet from this line. Night King had these same Japanese cartoonish looking feet, which works nicely with the cartoonish look of all Minis.





     Overall, paint application for Arya’s Mini is clean and creative. There is something that bothered me a bit with paint application, but compliments first. I love the eyes on pretty much all the GOT Minis in the Edition 3 line. As I said in my review of the Night King Mini, one of the things I loved were the “evil yet cartoonish eyes.” Though, for Arya, I would say the eyes are cartoonish yet suspicious–appropriate for this secret-teen-assassin phase of the character’s development. And as much as I love the signature cartoon-eye look of this line, Funko has once again managed to mix their own style with being totally faithful to the franchise of GOT. I also love the blushed cheeks they give Arya, and the blush is impressively and cleanly blended with the rest of her face coloring.


My main criticism regarding paint is with Arya’s fingers/hands. So, there’s my own aforementioned issue with the four finger GOT Mystery hand. The fingerless gloves that Arya wears are perfect for a stealthy teen assassin. Unfortunately, however, someone in the paint department overlooked which fingers are gloved and which are not. Specifically, there is no consistency between the two hands. On one hand, the four fingers are gloveless, but on the other the hand, the gloveless fingers are the pinkie and ring? finger (With four fingers, what do you call it?). It’s honestly a harmless paint app mistake from afar, but when looking at it a little closer, you can definitely tell. The coat of paint on the fingers also happens to be a bit thin, making the black vinyl of the hand underneath visible through the skin colored paint. This imperfection in paint also makes the gloveless issue a bit more noticeable as well.





            As with the Night King Mini, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Arya’s head moved 360 degrees. This particular Mini benefits nicely from head articulation because of her suspicious look. She’s cautiously staring into her left periphery; waiting for a kill, or to be killed. Either way, being able to choose her stance is a great feature with eyes and an expression as shady as that. 


            Accessories were a tough one for me here. For the accessories Arya was given, her blade and rock look fine, in terms of sculpting and detail. But, beyond points for quality of crafting, I have some issues with accessories. For the record, I’ve seen every episode of Thrones at least twice. I always watch the previous season over again, in order to to refresh right before the new season. Point is, I know my Game of Thrones. But, even with my own multiple viewing experiences, it still took me awhile to put together what’s going on with Mystery Arya’s accessories. For a character like Arya, accessories are the simplest thing in the world: Put Needle in her hand. Done. (Keep reading if you don’t know who/what Needle is)

To be honest, I needed Google and a GOT fan site or two just to recall what the rock in her right hand is about. Under the rock of a sea wall was where Arya was hiding her trustee, infamous mini sword (that worked out), Needle. This was during the series’ most recent season, season six. The skinny little blade known as Needle was given to Arya in season one by her GOT legend/half brother, Jon Snow. Needle is the most sensible and natural accessory to give this character. And, if you want to give it a season six spin by adding a rock from the sea well, by all means. Though, from the look of what she’s holding in her left hand, I don’t see a blade that looks much like Needle at all. Weird, if you ask me.

 I personally wouldn’t have chosen this rock as an accessory (only assuming I have the right rock from the show). At the same time, I still wouldn’t have given any points off for that alone. Under one condition, though: the accessory in her other hand would need to somehow compensate. Instead, Arya’s holding a much, much shorter blade than Needle. Something more the size of a knife. I even looked online, back to previous Mystery Mini editions of Arya. Needle is totally there, and it’s super clear that it’s Needle/a mini sword, not something that is questionably a knife. I just think these accessory choices were a missed opportunity and a bit confusing. To be fair, I’ve considered they gave her a smaller blade instead of Needle to deliberately portray the more assassin/girl has no name side of the character from season six. But, even then, why give her the rock–the rock that just makes me think of Needle–if you’re not going to give her Needle?


  • In summer 2017, Game of Thrones returns to HBO with Season 7
  • In 2018, Thrones is expected to return with its eighth and final season of the legendary hit series