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  • Funko: Game of Thrones Mystery Mini – Night King
Funko: Game of Thrones Mystery Mini – Night King

Funko: Game of Thrones Mystery Mini – Night King

Funko Game of Thrones Mystery Mini - Night King


  • Sculpture detail
  • Great use of blue coloring
  • Evil, yet cartoonish eyes


  • Oddly puffy hands: 4 fingers?
  • Not making iconic Night King hands out gesture
  • Dirt/paint smudges


Game of Thrones, Edition 3 Mystery Mini, 1/12 chance of each Just over 2 ½’’ tall

FUNKO Game of Thrones Mystery Mini: Night King



I have to admit, I absolutely love Funko’s Mystery Mini line. Face it. Almost ALL mystery/surprise toys have something to love. I’m sure the  My Little Pony ones are fun. It’s experiential, even if you don’t always like what you get. But, Funko (as usual) puts a franchise-faithful, yet stylistic spin on the simplest little figures. Let’s take a look at the Mystery version of the character from Game of Thrones the internet has dubbed “Coldemort”: Night King. Controller of the terrifying ice-zombie army of evil, the white walkers. Night King is one of the series’ few characters who is completely disinterested in the titular “game” of thrones and power, played by the mere, mortal humans. Instead, he is the true big-bad, King of the purest of evil on Thrones.



                   Revealing this particular Mystery, the color of Night King’s eyes really struck me. Coloring overall is excellent, and for the most part, paint application is quite clean. As with the theme of mystery figures, even the coloring here is fun. NK’s eyes, in particular, are shaded and color-chosen so well. While Funko Pop! has the signature round, black eyes, Mystery Mini has its own signature eyes. But, these eyes are given far more attention paint-wise. For most of this Thrones line, there is this funny, cartoonish little attitude in their eyes. So, the Mystery/GOT look worked out well for Coldemort. He still does look evil. Just in a Mini style, animated way.  Against his cold, light blue skin are those awesome, super basic, stringy blue lines for wrinkles. His little samurai looking armor has a solid paint application as well, save a negligible spot or two when the light blue skin meets his gauntlet/cuff pieces.



                        One criticism I do have regarding paint is the top of his head. There is a smudge of what looks like dirt here. At the price point of $8.00, you can’t expect paint perfection, but this particular smudge is just distracting. Again, his skin is the super light, ice-blue. That light coloring is really gonna make a spot of dirt stand out. If it isn’t dirt and it’s paint from the body or something, it’s still distracting and this is what brought the figure down half a point for me.



            In terms of sculpting quality, I give it 5 stars. What brought it down a half point for me were Night King’s weird, four-fingered (for what reason?) hands. I absolutely loved the pointed skull and felt the whole head was well thought out and crafted. But, those puffy, four-fingered hands? They look like weird little mitts. I thought the armor and especially his footing were great. His stance is cool and there’s good, detailed work on his cute little flat feet. But, then I just kept looking up at Tim Burton’s Danny Devito Penguin hands, from Batman Returns. I thought at first it might have been a consistent, signature look among Mystery Minis But, then I looked over at the Adam West Batman one I have (it always goes back to Batman), and the bat has five mini fingers. So, this leads me to one of two conclusions: !1) Sculpting dept. overlooked something from the franchise regarding the amount of digits possessed by Night King; or (2) They just decided to make a bold move of putting gigantic, puffy, mitt looking hands on a skinny ice-king. At its core, Funko is a toy company hyper-focused on nailing franchises. These hands, then, demonstrate either franchise inaccuracies or issues of proportion. Either way, the hands were not this figure’s strong suit





As a pleasant surprise to me, NK’s head turns 360 degrees. I didn’t expect that, based on my experience with past Mystery Minis whose heads were static. As usual, head mobility really adds a lot of dimension to the posing and display possibilities of this figure. Especially for a bad guy, you can pick and choose more, making him look menacing as possible with different angles.


    But, the hands kill me again. True, Night King needs no accessory to wield his seemingly limitless magical power. Still, as with any magically powerful character, they typically use hand gestures to demonstrate their power to the audience. If this is all we get visually from the show, then why is NK’s Mini standing there with his hands at his sides? Search the web for Night King. Ninety percent of the stills are the iconic shot of him standing tall with his hands out, summoning his evil army of cold white walkers. But, here, he stands with his weird misshapen mitts at his sides.


  • In summer 2017, Game of Thrones returns to HBO with Season 7
  • In 2018, Thrones is expected to return with its eighth and final season of the legendary hit series