Justice League #2

Justice League #2

Justice League #2


  • The new era of Justice League continues
  • Continues the Good vs. Evil theme
  • Really cool "Innerspace" referrence
  • Scott Snyder is crafting another epic masterpiece


The Totality - Part Two Writer - Scott Snyder Artist - Jorge Jimenez Colors - Alejandro Sanchez

     I was one of many who were saddened when Scott Snyder announced he was leaving Batman. However, it turns out that this was just part of his Master Plan to become one of the most prolific and celebrated writers in DC history.

     The next step in this plan was the amazing All Star Batman, where he was able to give a showcase to a number of talented artists, while also using some of the Batman villains he didn’t get to in his run on the main title, such as Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy. He also gave new life and a new status quo to Two-Face.

     But, that was just a warm up to his next great project, Dark Knights: Metal. Now the full scope of the plan was starting to take shape, as Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo reunited, but this time, they got to play with the whole DC toy box, crafting a Multiverse spanning epic that tied together his entire run on Batman and introduced the Dark Multiverse.

     This led immediately to Justice League: No Justice, where, alongside James Tynion IV and Joshua Williamson, he displayed the fallout of Metal and laid the groundwork for the next era of Justice League.

     And so, finally, two weeks ago, the next step in the plan began to unfold, as Scott Snyder began his long awaited run on Justice League. He did so by bringing the story back to the basics of Good vs. Evil, the Justice League vs. the Legion of Doom. Issue 1 left me hungry for more, and now issue 2 is here at last.


     As, you would expect, it all revolves around the Totality (MACGUFFIN ALERT), that mysterious object that crashed into the desert at the end of the last issue. Apparently, Amanda Waller sent Killer Croc inside it’s energy shell, and it didn’t go well.


     The League as a whole take on this new Croc, who has mutated considerably. As they subdue him, Batman, with the help of Swamp Thing (nice to see him in the main Justice League book), reaches out to John Stewart, who is out in deep space, hoping to get him to join the League. He does not commit at the moment.


     Meanwhile, Lex Luthor continues to relish being an evil jerk again. this issue, he starts out by buying a VFW hall that his Dad used to frequent instead of spending time with him. In a move that is clearly meant to be cathartic for him, he buys the building, then blows it up. You know, I think therapy would have been cheaper. In any case, he continues on with his power grabbing, saying that to control the power of the Totality, they need to unlock the Seven Hidden Forces of the Universe (MACGUFFIN ALERT). In case you’re wondering, there are seven members of the Justice League and seven members of the Legion of Doom. Luthor says he has already unlocked the one that will stop Flash, and he hands Grodd a BABY. But, the baby apparently has a lot of power. Hope he doesn’t throw a tantrum. He also says Sinestro is on his way to unlock the second one, a previously unknown range of the emotional spectrum.


     Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice (And yes, in case you’re wondering I am saying that phrase in my best “announcer from Challenge of the SuperFriends” voice in my head), Martian Manhunter has determined that they must take the risk and enter the Totality’s energy field immediately. To that end, an impromptu conference is called, and it is determined that Superman and Martian Manhunter’s physiologies are the only ones suitable to enter it. But, they are not going in alone.


     Batman, with the help of Ray Palmer, has created a miniaturization vessel, which he has used to shrink himself down and, that’s right, you guessed it, INJECT HIMSELF INTO SUPERMAN! He has also created a second one, which Hawkgirl will pilot inside of Martian Manhunter.

     Meanwhile, in the depths of Space, John Stewart encounters Sinestro, who has unlocked the invisible spectrum and is there to recruit John. UH OH!

     As Superman and Martian Manhunter enter the field, the rest of the League is attacked by…JOHN STEWART! Though not as a Green Lantern anymore, he is now an ULTRAVIOLET LANTERN!

     Oh, and it seems Luthor’s not done being a jerk this issue yet either, because he is apparently not only also miniaturized, but he is also INSIDE SUPERMAN! As the issue ends, the two heroes penetrate the energy field, with what waits on the other side currently unknown, though if Luthor is to be believed, it’s not gonna be good for the JL.

     So, Scott Snyder is in the process of crafting another unforgettable epic, with plenty of fan service moments, and some eevnts that mean MAJOR changes for the DCU, including the debut of a brand new Lantern Spectrum, Ultraviolet. Poor John Stewart, it looks like he’s going through the ringer again. The Good vs. Evil paradigm is on full display here. There is NEVER any doubt from page one which ones are the bad guys, and that can be very comforting in this day and age of anti-heroes and questionable morality. It’s really the kind of superhero comic we all need right now. And as for the miniaturization bit, this is normally where we would discuss Fantastic Voyage, but given Mr. Snyder’s age, I am more inclined to think Innerspace, a movie which I have not thought about in ages, but, thanks to this issue, I went and rewatched. So, that is yet ANOTHER thing to thank Scott Snyder for. This title just keeps on rolling, and I know the epic scale will continue to ramp up issue by issue. So, bring on the next one.

     But, the story is only half of the package, and Mr. Snyder seems again to be blessed with the good fortune of having an amazing art team at the ready to bring his epic story to life.  Jorge Jimenez embraces this awesome task, and makes it look easy. His figures and action scenes are superb, with the battle scene against Killer Croc being a particular highlight. Also adding to the overall beauty is the superb coloring job by Alejandro Sanchez, whose bright vibrant palette is the perfect compliment.

     IN THE END: It’s only two issues in, but i’m already on the edge of my seat. If this one isn’t on your pull list, it’s not too late. Don’t miss out.