Justice League: No Justice #1

Justice League: No Justice #1

Justice League: No Justice #1


  • The Superstar team of Snyder, Tynion IV and Williamson craft an amazing story
  • The Justice League gets the overhaul it needs
  • A diverse and huge cast of characters is drafted to face this threat
  • Francis Manapul brings the story to life with dynamic, spectacular art
  • HiFi’s colors bring this universe spanning story to vivid life


  • It may be daunting to try reading this if you haven’t read Metal
  • The Amanda Waller subplot is almost superfluous


Writers: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV and Joshua Williamson Artist: Francis Manapul Colors: HiFi

     For those of you who had your appetite whetted by the short preview story that was featured in DC Nation #0, it is time for the man in event. Scott Snyder is again at the helm of an ambitious limited series that will set the stage for big changes in the DC Universe. Justice League: No Justice is here.


     Set directly after Dark Knights: Metal, No Justice deals directly with the aftermath of a major event that has resulted from the events of that series. At the end of Metal, the Source Wall, which served as the boundary of the Multiverse, separating it from the rest of space, was broken. That rupture reawakens 4 all-powerful entities, known as the Omega Titans, from their ages long slumber. 


     The Justice League don’t know about their awakening however. In fact, they don’t even find out until Brainiac launches a major invasion of Earth. Of course, all of Earth’s hero teams, the Titans, the Teen Titans, the Suicide Squad and the Justice League respond, but they are all subdued. Superman attacks Brainiac directly in Metropolis.


     Meanwhile, Amanda Waller decides to be proactive and use a bunch of psychics to “hack”Brainiac. If you’re thinking to yourself “this can’t end welll, give yourself a cookie.


     Back in Metropolis, Brainiac decides to show Superman why he attacked. Suddenly, all of the heroes wake up in Brainiac’s ship. All of the teams are there. Suddenly the Justice League appears and announces they will be allies with Brainiac. With the other teams asking for answers, it’s storytime. 

     Brainiac tells the story of the four Omega Titans: Entropy, Wisdom, Wonder and Mystery. It titans out they are very competitive  and they sow their seeds on worlds to see who’s is best. The winning brother would then consume that world. The Wisdom entity has currently arrived at Brainiac’s home planet, Colu. 

     Brainiac has recruited the heroes to face the entity, but the teams must be modified to succeed, and they can’t consist of just heroes. To that end, Brainiac has kidnapped several villains, including Lex Luthor and Sinestro, to join their forces. They are given new costumes, with nodes denoting what team they belong to, each embodying the energy of one of the Omega Titans. By balancing the teams, Brainiac has given them the strength to oppose the Omega Titans. Luthor speaks with Martian Manhunter, who it appears will have to be the mediator between all of the teams.

     As they arrive at Colu, the see the absolutely enormous Wisdom entity. brainiac tells them that if he is not stopped here, all of the entities will head for Earth. He begins to instruct the team on how to defeat them, but he is incapacitated by an intrusion into his mind. You guessed it, at the worst possible time, Amanda Waller has started her datamine. As part 1 ends, Brainiac is just able to get out instructions to find the four world trees when his head literally explodes from the strain of resisting the data mine.

      Well, they’re at it again, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV and Joshua Williamson have joined forces again to blow all of our minds, just as we’re still catching our breaths after Metal. The ease with which this ambitious, sprawling story unfolds simply shows how meticulously this was planned. I also love the fact that nothing here feels superfluous and no page is wasted. This is a tight, well crafted story. And, it just goes to show that type of comics magic that can be performed when everyone is on the same page and is committed to a singular vision. It is fantastic that such a large “playground” has been created leading to new roles for familiar characters,  both hero and villain. I love seeing the continuing use of ancillary characters, such as Starro and Zatanna, who don’t normally get a huge spotlight. This is a great way to get people ready for the new Justice League line that will come out of this event.

     The breadth and ambition of this title would believe one to think that the arist would have their work cut out for them. In this case, the art is very ably handled by Francis Manapul, with extraordinary coloring by the legendary HiFi. As you can imagine from such a massive story, the art is on an equally large scale. There are several exquisite splash pages, but the whole issue is just gorgeous. Colors pop and expressions are so dynamic. I also love the sense of scale used as the massive Wisdom entity towers over the planet Colu.

     This is one of those series where you can just feel that its going get better with each part and you’re going to be sad when its over. Fortunately, though, it is weekly, so we don’t have wo wait long. Get in on this one while you can