Justice League of America Rebirth 1

Justice League of America Rebirth 1

Justice League of America Rebirth 1


  • "Welcome to the Hall of Lowered Expectations"

“I’ve started something new. A different team. Mortal. Not gods.”

Batman’s on a mission, and he’s putting together a new team. A team that can inspire others into action because the Dark Knight’s new crew will feature mortal men and women, and not the nigh-indestructible cast that makes up the Justice League proper.

And, to say the least, it’s an interesting team that Batman has assembled and will lead: Killer Frost. Black Canary. Lobo. The Atom (Ryan Choi). The Ray (Yes, the Ray). Vixen.

This first issue is your classic, getting-the-band-together issue, and as such it works quite well. It’s so nice to read a mainstream superhero comic with a coherent, well-plotted story, realistic dialogue, and some seriously intriguing setup for the ensuing issues. Oh, and there was nary a punch thrown in the whole book!

What the issue lacks in action, it more than makes up for in strong characterization and very clear voices for all of the characters involved. Credit here goes to writer Steve Orlando, who is making a name for himself in the industry. I think the ensemble cast presented by this series is the perfect vehicle in which Orlando can really shine, and flex several storytelling muscles in the process.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that the series is beautifully drawn by superstar artist Ivan Reis (Blackest Night), whose lush pencils are spot-on from page one, panel one.

It’s always cool to see Batman interacting with anyone other than criminals, crazies, or the Bat-Family, and I think this book can bring a new dimension to the Dark Knight and allow readers to see another side of his personality, just like the classic Batman and the Outsiders series did many years ago.

Ugh. Now I feel old.

Anyway, I really like the makeup of this team and its wholly disparate personalities. Take, for example, the interactions between Batman and Lobo. They’ve been memorable thus far and now that they’re on the same team–and Lobo has to take orders from Batman–there’s plenty of drama to play around with.

I think this is going to be a fun book–for us, as readers, but also for the creative team. It has the feel of something new-but-nostalgic, and it feels like something important to this new DC Universe that we’re all still getting acquainted with.

Look for big things from this book.