Justice League vs. Suicide Squad (2017)

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad (2017)

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad (2017)


  • Did what it had to do
  • Some really memorable Batman moments


  • Suffered a bit from inconsistent art

It’s one week after Justice League vs. Suicide Squad wrapped up, and Rob and I thought it would be a good idea to do a little postmortem on DC Rebirth’s first big crossover event. You can, of course, check out my (brilliantly written) reviews of each of the 6 issues (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) to go in-depth, but here are some overall thoughts on the mini-series, and my impressions of how the series fits in with this new DCU.

First off, the creative team, guided by writer Joshua Williamson, should be commended. It is not easy to do any kind of event book these days (actually, I’d argue that it’s been near-impossible to pull off a major event since the first Marvel Civil War mini) and it’s especially difficult to put out a weekly event book. Which is exactly what they did here. Between their bi-weekly shipping titles and floods of new Rebirth one-shots, there are A LOT of DC books hitting store shelves every week. So to add to that pile of reading material with an all-new “must-read” event? Not the easiest task.

But Williamson and Co. did a nice job delivering a solid story–albeit one with art that faltered at times, mostly due to the intense schedule the book found itself on. But event books should do a couple of things. First, they should tell a big, FUN story, with some real-comic-world implications brought on by a major threat to the status quo. This series did that. Second, events should have memorable moments, and this series definitely did that. When Batman blows up Lobo’s head, even Deadshot has to take a second look at the bad-assery of the Dark Knight. And third, a successful comic event needs to have lasting effects.

As we saw at the conclusion of this series, there are several things spinning out from the mini. This week sees the first issue of Batman’s new Justice League team–featuring Lobo!–and that’s a nice way to dovetail out from a big event.

So, all in all, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, while not a DC Universe-shattering event by any means, did exactly what it needed to do.