Coming Soon: Daredevil, Adventure Time, and more!

Dorbz: Daredevil

Keep Hell’s Kitchen safe with Daredevil Dorbz!

Avocado — we mean, attorney-at-law, Matt Murdock goes after the shifty Wilson Fisk!
Meanwhile, a heroic Masked Vigilante is cleaning up the city on his own terms!

Collect all four!

Coming in April!

Dorbz: Adventure Time

Mathematical! Adventure Time Dorbz are coming soon!

Follow Finn the Human and Jake the Dog as they
embark on quests throughout the Land of Ooo!

Fan favorites like Marceline the Vampire Queen, Flame Princess of
the Fire Kingdom, and Princess Bubblegum are coming, too!
Look for Princess Bubblegum’s elusive chase variant!

Coming in April!

Dorbz: Skyrim

The warriors of Skyrim are now Dorbz!

Dovahkiin, the legendary Dragonborn,
dons his signature helmet and leather armor
to take on any foe!

The powerful Daedric Warrior wears heavy armor
crafted of ebony ingots and Daedra hearts!

Coming in May!

Pop! Games: DOOM

The seminal PC game DOOM is now part of the Funko gaming library!

You’ll need as many DOOM Marine Pop! figures as you can
get to navigate the harsh terrain found in each DOOM level!

Make sure you come with as much firepower as possible
when facing the classic DOOM enemies like the Cyberdemon!

Coming in March!