Review: DC Comics Designer Series – Greg Capullo – Series 1 – Nightwing and Riddler

There are instances in the toy world where action figures perfectly emulate the characters they are based upon, in both design and execution. Some companies “get it right” more often than others. DC Collectibles (formerly DC Direct) is one of those. For several years now, they have been my “go to company” for Batman figures, and they have consistently delivered. In fact, they have created three seperate series of Batman figures that stand as the definitive interpretations of the characters looks for that particular era. First was the much loved and often spoken of “HUSH” series. In my opinion, this was one of the first times that the characters drawn by Jim Lee in the amazing storyline that revitalized the character appeared to have walked off the page. The three series of figures produced by DC Direct were so popular, it was not uncommon for them to sell out before they were even put on the pegs. In addition, this line was responsible for the first ever 6 inch figures of Commissioner Gordon and Alfred.The secret to this line’s success was the little details, Catwoman had goggles that fit over her eyes. Commissioner Gordon had tiny eyeglasses with clear lenses. Batman’s color scheme was grey and NAVY BLUE! The Joker figure, which is one of my personal; favorites, had a HINGED JAW!. Nad, the Riddler figure, another of my personal favorites, came in his trademark green suit and had his cane, and removeable hat. Another of my favorite Batman lines is the line based on the Arkham Asyklum and Arkham City video games. Again, this is an example of superior saculpting making it look as if the characters have stepped off the screen and been brought to life. There are way too many highlights in thsi line to go into, but again, the Joker figure is a real star here. Now, DC Collectibles is poised to do it again.

With the launch of the NEW 52, the flaghip Batman title was taken over by the creative team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo. The results have been nothing short of spectacular, as Batman has shattered sales records and become a “must read” book for a legion of rabid fans. Over the course of the fun so far, readers have been introduced to the Court of Owls and their deadly Talons, seen the return of the Joker, more maniacal and homicidal than ever, and seen Batman get a new origin, which features a much more dangerous version of the Riddler than previously seen. Now, this era of Batman in the comics is set to be immortalized in plastic. The innaugural artis is DC Collectibles’ new DC Comics Designer Series line is Greg Capullo. And, it seems fitting that, during Batman’s 75th Anniversary year, we are to get the definitive Batman action figures for this era of Batman in the comics. The first series consists of 4 figures: Batman, Talon, Nightwing and the Riddler. Here, I will be reviewing 2 of the figures: Nightwing and the Riddler.


Series: DC Comics Designer Series – Greg Capullo – Series 1

Company: DC Collecibles

Figure #: 3 of 4

Figure Name: Nightwing


     Considering all he has been through this year, it’s good to see Nightwing get his due here in this series. This is the first figure of “New 52” Nightwing, and they have done him proud. Sculptor Jonathan Matthews has done a terrific job of “lifting him off the page” and bringing him to life. He comes int he current “New 52” red and black color scheme, with “Batman-like” bladed gauntlets. The paint lines of the figure are very clean, with the design in the center continuing around the back. The head features sculpted hair, with a grim, determined look on his face. In terms of articulation, He has a ball-jointed head, jointed shoulders, roto-cut biceps, jointed elbows, roto-cut wrists, a jointed mid-section, jointed hips, roto-cut thighs, jointed knees, and roto cast and jointed feet. Accessory-wise, he comes with his trademark Escrima fighting sticks, which fit comfortably into each hand.

This is a great figure, just a bit plain because of the nature of the costume, but the sculpting is fantastic. A 4 out of 5.

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The Riddler

Series: DC Comics Designer Series – Greg Capullo – Series 1

Company DC Collectibles

Figure #: 4 of 4

Figure: The Riddler


     FULL DISCLOSURE: The Riddler is one of my favorite Batman characters. I have loved every portrayal of him, from Frank Gorshin’s over-the-top performancein the TV Show, to John Glover’s cerebral mastermind in Batman: the Animated Series, to devious and maniacal version that inhabits the Arkham video game Universe. I even liked some of the not so popular portrayals, such as the “alternative” Riddler from the “The Batman” animated series, and, yes, even Jim Carrey’s version for the almost unwatchable Batman Forever. But, the character has not as much luck in the comics. For a while, the character was largely forgotten, seeming to “reform” after the events of the Infinite Crisis crossover, even becoming a private detective. Enet the new 52, and Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. After blacking out Gotham City as part of the new origin story, Zero Year, the Riddler has reemerging as a cold, calculating force to be reckoned with. This dynamic new version of the character needs a figure worthy of his brilliance. I am pleased to say, thanks to the stellar efforts ofsculptor Jonathan Matthews, he has one.

This figure has officially replaced the “HUSH” figure as my favorite Riddler figure. He is attired in his trademark suit, which seems to be the perfect shade of green. Completing his color scheme are a magenta tie, with a matching pair of gloves, a dark green vest and a purple shirt, with matching shoes. His hat is the same shade of green as his suit, with a magenta band wrapping around the middle and a gold embossed ? in the center at the front. This figure’s articulation is the same as Nightwing’s with one exception: he does not have the chest joint. The Riddler’s accessory is his trademark gold “?” cane. Made of soft plastic, it fits in the figure’s hand very well.

This is definitely the definitive figure for the Riddler’s current look, and another “home run” for DC Collectibles. Don’t miss this one. A 5 out of 5.

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Check back soon for reviews of the other two figures: Batman and Talon.

Special Thanks to Kelley Popham at DC Collectibles.

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