Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Half Shell Heroes Figures and Vehicles by Playmates

Guest reviewer Joseph Horton returns with another Ninja Turtle review, this time for the Half Shell Heroes line, which is made for younger fans.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half-Shell Heroes toy line, made by Playmate Toys, is a great line of Ninja Turtle toys for young kids. It is made in the same vein as Rescue Heroes, as a smaller figure that stands just over two inches tall. They did a great design on the figures. They definitely look like the characters but in a more “child friendly” way. The paint job on them is well done and true to the original color scheme. The Turtles are all the right color greens and the bad guys, like Tiger Claw and Newtralizer, are the right colors, being true to the show. They took into account their younger audience by making the corners of weapons rounded. Raphael’s Sai, for example, have plastic added in between each point so kids can’t hurt themselves. They have pretty nice articulation. They have a swivel ball joint that is located in their shoulders, giving them a nice range of motion. The two feet move as one, backwards and forwards.

The vehicles they made for the line are very fun. They have a unique vehicle for each Turtle and have them color coded to match. Leonardo’s is blue, Donatello’s is purple…etc. They are well-built, sturdy, and easy to seat each figure on. Each vehicle has a bonus feature that can be activated. For example, Raphael’s Minibike can be pinched at the exhaust pipes to reveal its saw blades.

There are vehicles that can transform under the Mutations Vehicle line. Each one comes with an exclusive figure and can shift between two different vehicles. The Shellraiser to Recycle Truck with a Donatello figure and a Firetruck to Tank with a Raphael figure. These are very cool; it is so easy to transform from one vehicle to another completely different vehicle. You can do it in seconds.

So if you have any Ninja Turtle fans that you think are too young for the standard figures, or if you are just a big Ninja Turtle fan and looking for some more cool figures, the Half Shell Heroes line is definitely for you.

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Thanks to Janis VanTine at GennComm and Playmates Toys for their assistance with this review