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One of the best things to come out of the pandemic was that I had the ability to talk to some people about new collaborations once the site got going again. As such, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the newest member of the Figures and More staff: Anthony Emmolo. Anthony will be covering a myriad of things for us, across several different areas of interest, but his primary focus will be Hot Wheels. I hope you enjoy his contribution. Here is his very first review.

HOT WHEELS REVIEW: 2020 Ford Bronco (2021) #100 of 250

The Ford Bronco, the world’s first SUV (sports utility vehicle) started way back in 1963 and ended in 1996. And now, the Ford Bronco is back. Hot Wheels acquired the license and rolled off this beautiful 2021 Ford Bronco as part of the 2021 Hot Wheels line.

This is your boy Tony, with another Hot Wheel’s Review. This time, we’re reviewing the Hot Wheels 2021 Ford Bronco.

This is definitely one of several of my favorites out this year, card number 100 of 250, #3/10 of the “Then and Now” assortment. The body chassis is Sky blue with detailed headlamps and a brockel symbol on the front, sides and grill. The interior is black, with a smoky tint for the windows. The wheel type is BLOR (Bed Lock Off Road). The card art itself is something to be seen and should be admired. Hot Wheels definitely outdid themselves on this. the designer is Dmitriy Shakmatov. I can definitely see this vehicle becoming a fan favorite. Until next time, this is your boy, Tony, for Figures and More.

Check out more pics of this car in the gallery below.

If you want to own it for yourself, here is a link to purchase it


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