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It’s that time of the week again: NEW COMIC BOOK DAY! And, that means it’s time for this week’s look at what DC has to offer. This week, the spotlight falls on Tom King’s Batman. We will also showcase the latest developments in the Year of the Villain. Let’s get to it.


BATMAN #77 – Cover by Tony S Daniel & Tomeu Morey

BATMAN #77 – City of Bane Part 3 – Writer: Tom King – Artist: Mikel Janin and Tony S. Daniel

As it has for every week since it begin, the spotlight this week shines firmly on Tom King’s run on Batman. This week, the blockbuster City of Bane storyline continues as Bane’s iron grip over the city intensifies. This issue is going to be talked about for days to come because of an OMG! moment that I won’t spoil here, except to say that if it is real, and not a trick, it will fundamentally change the Batman universe going forward.

However, there are a number of other things going on in this issue that are important. One, and after last issue, you just knew it was going to happen, Damien dares fate and takes on Gotham Girl. What follows is one of the most incredible sequences in this entire run, as Damien gets the best of Gotham Girl through magical means, and then gets his @$$ handed to him after a knock down drag out fight with Flashpoint Batman. As they were warned, Damien’s incursion has consequences.

The other significant event in this issue is that Bruce finally wakes up. Now, of course, he wants to head right back to Gotham and continue the fight. Catwoman, again acting as the voice of reason, informs him he will not be going back alone. The end of the issue sees Bruce and Selina, both back in costume, ready to begin the long road back.

There is so much I could say about the writing of this issue, but I am running out of superlatives to describe Tom King. The pacing and tone of the story are so well done, the ebb and flow, from triumph to tragedy and the glimmer of hope at the end as the “true” Batman suits up again. I am loving this arc, and can’t wait to see what happens next. The true tragedy is that every issue released brings us closer to the end of Tom King’s run on this title.

But, as good as the story is, one of the real treasures of this run has been that the art to compliment it has also been nothing short of stellar. Mikel Janin has been amazing from his very first issue, and, lately, Tony S. Daniel has been killing it. Now, in this issue, both of these stellar talents join forces and the result is absolutely stunning. Please keep the beautiful visuals coming.



The Year of the Villain arc continues this week, as more bad guys get their early Christmas gifts from Apex Lex. Here’s a quick rundown of the tie-in titles this week.

Aquaman #51 – Cover by Robson Rocha, Jason Paz & Alex Sinclair

In Aquaman #51, the main story deals with Aquman and Aqualad helping the Ocean Gods relocate to Amnesty Island. Meanwhile, Mera contnues to put off her wedding. In the afterword, Black Manta is finally given his gift by Luthor: a HUGE mech suit, programmed with his DNA to replicate his father’s thought patterns.

Year of the Villain: Black Mask #1 – Cover by Mitch Gerard’s

In Year of the Villain: Black Mask #1, the Batman villain is sprung from jail by Luthor, and given a new face of malleable material that fits over his mask. Batwoman and Renee Montoya track him to Atlanta, but he manages to get away using his new abilities to blend in with the crowd.

Nightwing #63 – Cover by Bruno Redondo

In Nightwing #63, as Ric Grayson is teaming up with Team Nightwing, trouble comes to town in the form of the Talon, William Cobb.

Teen Titans #33 – Cover by Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo

Finally, in Teen Titans #33, Damien and his team subdue two more villains, which Djinn “reprograms.” Meanwhile, Luthor offers Lobo the means to control his daughter.


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