10 Years Ago: Doctor Who Returns!

It is another “fantastic” Anniversary for Doctor Who this year. It was 10 years ago today that, after a number of failed attempts and more than a little wrangling by some very clever folks, Doctor Who returned at last to BBC One. On this date, 10 years ago, Writer and Showrunner Russell T. Davies and Executive Producer Julie Gardiner introduced the world to the Ninth incarnation of the Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston and Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper, a shopgirl from London who was about to go on the adventure of a lifetime. And, we are all coming along for the ride. Rose, the first new episode of Doctor Who in over 10 years, would reintroduce a number of familiar concepts. The Doctor’s ship, the TARDIS, for example, still retained it’s familiar blue “Police Box” form, in addition to it’s “bigger on the inside” console room, which for this new series was done up in a “living coral” motif. The Doctor also carried his familiar tool, the Sonic Screwdriver, which also been given a new “slim silver tube” look. The Doctor’s outfit has also changed dramatically, with the Ninth Doctor preferring a black leather jacket and jumper with matching slacks and boots. This Doctor was mischievous but had an air of sadness and guilt about him. The episode also introduced a concept that would become a staple of Doctor Who storytelling from here on out: The Time War. Many weren’t sure what to make of the new Doctor at the beginning, but by the end of the episode, there was no doubt at all that the Doctor was indeed back.

So, on this anniversary, I would like to say a special Thank You to Russell, Julie, Christopher, Billie for recreating this mad, mad show and making me part of it’s mad, mad following. And, also a Thank You to David, Freema, John B, Catherine, Matt, Karen, Arthur, Jenna, Peter and, of course, Steven for keeping the madness going…and going….and going! 51 years on and I still can’t wait to see what’s next. On to Series 9!

Here’s the iconic clip from Episode 1 where the Doctor introduces himself to Rose


And here are the thoughts of the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, on when he first saw “Rose”

And this? This is just adorable