NYCC’09 – Hands on with Prototype

Well, it took a little over an hour of waiting in line, but we finally got our hands on Prototype at New York Comic Con and it was worth every minute. Radical Entertainment’s latest offering to the masses promises to be one of the biggest games of the coming year. While waiting in line to try our hand at Prototype, we got a chance to watch multiple people play through the demo level (including one of the developers as he showed of the game to the masses). Amazingly, even though we were looking at essentially the same game play over and over again, we couldn’t tear our eyes away from the large displays showing the action. There was almost a mesmerizing quality to the action. While the concept of open-world gaming is nothing new, the way that Radical is approaching it is very impressive. The developers have created aseamless New York City to move around in and then thrown in the movement style of Parkour. To amp this up even more, Alex (the main character) has the ability to run up the sides of buildings, jump super high in the air, and glide back down to the ground all while targeting a tank and powering up his super attack.

Check out the trailer to see what we mean, but be warned: this is an M-rated game and it has that rating for a reason. This game is very bloody and they don’t hold much back in the trailer.

The visuals of Prototype were stunning; the audio (what we could hear over the throngs of people walking by the booth) sounded great; and the game play was intense. Those three things together added up to some very enjoyable game play. The best way to describe the experience of playing the Prototype demo is the same way I described it to the guys at Radical right after playing: “It’s frenetic; it’s visceral; and I can’t wait to play the final version.” There is no word yet if there will be a demo available prior to launch, but we can all hope. The sooner we can get our hands on this game the better. Prototype hits stores this June 2009.

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