I am happy to be able to share with you the details of the eagerly anticipated Twelfth Doctor 3.75″ action figure in his series 8 costume, as well as when and where you can get your hands on it. This information comes direct from a Twitter conversation with Al Dewar, who works on the Doctor Who line at Character Options.

I wrote him the following tweet:

and he replied:

The conversation continued:

and he replied:

And then, the burning question:


Now, that’s all well and good for those who live in the UK, but what about those, like me, who live in America? I asked about that too.  



and he replied:


So, to summarize, the information about the eagerly anticipated 3.75″ Twelfth Doctor in Series 8 outfit has been revealed. It was signed off on by Al Dewar today, the 27th of August and is shipping now Airfreight to UK. It should arrive in ARGOS and the UK in approximately two weeks or so, and Underground Toys in the US should have them at about the same time. Also, the figure does NOT have the red lining of the jacket visible.
I am keeping my eye out for the official image of the final figure, and have asked Al about some other items. If he replies and drops any more news, I will post it here.

So, give what Al has said, it look like this may very well be the new 12th Doctor figure



Is this the new figure? We will all find out ,it seems, sooner rather than later.