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    2K has finally decided to play “Show and Tell” with WWE2K19, and after a long period of fairly sparse information releases, the floodgates have opened. The full roster has been revealed, the DLC details are out and the first information about Career Mode and WWE Universe Mode are also out. So, Let’s dive in with what we knew already.



WWE2K19 will release on October 9th for the Playstation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and Windows PC. If you pre-order the game, you can play 4 days early, on October 5th. In addition, those who pre-order will get two exclusive playable characters: Rey Mysterio and Ronda Rousey.


There are three editions of the game: The standard edition, the deluxe edition, with includes the season pass, with includes all of the DLC that will be released as well as additional playable characters (Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes and Ricky Steamboat (80’s), Randy Savage (WM8) and Undertaker (2002) an additional playable STarrCade 1983 Arena and additional attires for Ric and Charlotte Flair. And the collector’s edition, which includes a whole bunch of extras.


This year’s collector’s edition focuses on Ric and Charlotte Flair and is called the “Woooo” Edition. It features all of the content from the Deluxe Edition, plus an exclusive collector’s package, featuring photos of Ric and Charlotte. You also get two Exclusive WWE Supercard content, A Ric Flair Pop Vinyl figure, a replica WWE Hall of Fame Ring, and a commemorative plaque, featuring a piece of one of Ric Flair’s robes.

There are two new modes in WWE2k19 that have been making people very excited. The first in the new Tower mode, which is similar to the structure of Mortal Kombat. You have a series of matches. Each one you win moves you up the Tower. Each tower is themed after a certain SuperStar or Era. This mode also plays host to one of the coolest contests ever held in a video game, the WWE2k19 Million Dollar Challenge. This challenge features WWE Champion and WWE2K19 cover athlete AJ Styles. There is a special AJ Styles Million Dollar Tower that can be found in Tower Mode. IF you can conquer this tower, you will be invited to send a video with your completion screen in the background explaining why you feel you can beat AJ Styles in the game. One fan will be chosen to compete against AJ Styles in the game. If that fan can beat AJ Styles, that fan will win one million dollars.

The second exciting announcement is the return of Showcase mode, which was a mode that relived classic eras and rivalries from the history of WWE. This year, the mode returns, and is focused on the career of Daniel Bryan, from his early days as the American Dragon, all the way up through his triumphant return to the ring. The mode will feature matches from throughout Bryan’s career, and the story will be told through newly recorded cutscenes featuring Daniel himself.

Here is the announcement trailer:


And, here is a gameplay trailer:

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