IAmElemental Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

IAmElemental is celebrating their 3rd Anniversary.  IAmElemental is a terrific company, founded by passionate people trying to fill a void in the Toy Industry by challenging the norms of the action figure segment. I wrote about them in my special feature “Flipping the Script” which you can read here. They released the following statement, which includes a sneak peak at their upcoming Wisdom Core Power figure and an announcement of a new starter box. Here is the statement they released.
Greetings from the IAmElemental universe!

We are doing backflips of joy as we celebrate the 3rd anniversary of our transition from a successful Kickstarter campaign to a bootstrapped startup. Some days, we can hardly believe it has already been three (three!) years. And, some days, we are acutely aware of every one of those 1,095 days.

It’s true what they say: The days are long, but the years are short.

How’s it going? So glad you asked!

But first we want to send a special thank you to all of our Kickstarter backers. Our gratitude to you for your early, enthusiastic, and continued support is eternal.

Now, please read my LinkedIn article, The Unsexy Startup: 3 Years, 3 Lessons where I talk about (among other things) cell phones, the Tower of Babel and, the most powerful real life Superheroes of all: Customers! Click here

Then, please scroll down and check out the Superpower Starter Kit we’ve created to celebrate our anniversary, and the Wisdom 6.5” Core Power sneak peek.

While supplies last, we are offering up three of our original Series1/Courage 3.75” action figures for the price of two ($19.98 + $3.00 flat rate fee for shipping/handling). And, every Tuesday, we are sending them – anywhere in the US – in this super cool mailer.

We call it the Superpower Starter Kit. And we can’t think of anyone – girl, boy, man, woman – who wouldn’t feel empowered to arrive home and discover three randomly selected Courage Mystery Packs waiting for them after a long day.
While we aren’t quite ready for the big reveal yet, here’s a sneak peek of the upcoming 6.5” Core Power figure. Like our Courage Core Power figure, Wisdom will have more than 30 points of articulation, represent the embodiment of all seven building blocks of Wisdom, and stay true to the Greek Warrior theme inspired by our new muse Hypatia.

We hope you are as excited by this Hint-O-Wisdom as we are.
We can’t wait to put her in your hands.

Finally, we’d like to ask for a favor. Please forward this email to a Superhero friend who may not know about us yet, and share the news about our Superpower Starter Kits. Word-of-mouth has been the key to our success from the very beginning, and we’d really appreciate your help.

Enjoy the Summer & Play with Power!

A million thanks,

Julie, Veenita & the IAmElemental Team

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