Toy Fair 2012 – McFarlane Toys

The father of Spawn brought his latest and greatest to Toy Fair. Here’s a look at what McFarlane is bringing to stores this year.

Spawn: With all of the Halo and Walking Dead buzz over the last few years, it’s easy to forget that McFarlane also made Spawn figures for years. Well, it’s been 20 years since Spawn first appeared, and, to celebrate, McFarlane has crafted an exquisite Resin statue. It was in display at Toy Fair and it is absolutely breathtaking. See for yourself.

Halo: The little game that could continues to be the little figure line that could. On the way this year are a second series of figures commemorating Halo’s 10th Anniversary, in addition to a sixth series of figures based on the Halo: Reach game. Halo: Reach Series 6 consists of Jun (Unhelmeted), Kat (Unhelmeted), Brute Major, Elite Zealot, Sabre Pilot, Spartan HAZOP (Male) (Rust), Spartan RECON (Male) (Team Red) and Spartan JFO (Male) (White) and is due to release this month. Halo 10th Anniversary Series two consists of Master Chief (The Package), Captain Jacob Keyes, Spartan MARK IV (White/Blue), Sentinel & Guilty Spark, Mickey and is due to release in March. Also on the way are new box sets based on some of the multiplayer modes. With a new game on the horizon, the future looks very rosy for Mcfarlane’s Halo line.

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The Walking Dead: McFarlane’s newest licensed line is based on a TV/Comic property you may have heard of. An incredible comic, and one of the most popular shows in AMC’s history, Robert Kirkman’s zombie epic continues to thrill and excite. Now, just to get the disappointment out of the way now, there were no actual Series two figures at Toy Fair.  There were cards that announced series two, so rest assured, they are coming. It is worth noting that only series two of the TV Show based line has been announced. No word yet on series two of the comic based line. So, without further ado, I present the line-up for series two of the Walking Dead figure line. Let the wait until October begin.


Although Series two was not present, Series one of both the comic and TV lines were present in a beautiful display case that included some of the extraordinary makeup used on the series. Here are some images from the display.

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That does it for our coverage of McFarlane. Thanks to Carmen Bryant and, of course, Todd McFarlane at Mcfarlane Toys.

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