Toy Fair 2012: NECA

NECA has had it’s share of high profile licenses, such as Harry Potter and Twilight. And, this year, they have another golden opportunity with The Hunger Games. In addition, they will be adding to their existing lines and introducing new ones. This report is going to be different than some of the other ones. NECA’s sculpts are so breathtakingly amazing that the pictures really are the stars of this report. So, for this report, there will be less text and more photos. So, without further ado, here’s what NECA was showing.

The Hunger Games: The hottest teen book since Twilight, Suzanne Collins’ blockbuster series is going Hollywood on March 23rd, with the release of the Hunger Games in theaters. NECA will support the movie with a slew of tie-in product, but the standouts are the official “mockingjay” pin replica and action figures of the main characters that, as is NECA’s trademark, have absolutely jaw-dropping likenesses.

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Video Games: NECA has been known for many years for their fantastic video game figures, most notably their lines based on the extremely popular Bioshock and Gears of War games. This year, both of those lines will continue, including a line based on the upcoming Bioshock: Infinite. This year, those lines will be joined by new lines based on the Portal, Team Fortress, Half-Life and Borderlands games.

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Movies: So, this year, NECA will be continuing their impressive Predator line, and this year, are announcing the addition of the previously dormant Rocky license. Several prototypes were shown of different characters from the Sylvester Stallone franchise. In addition, NECA will be adding to both their Robocop and Evil Dead lines.

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Gremlins: Introduced to rave review last year, this incredible line, based on the cult movie series, continues this year, with new Mogwai and Gremlin designs. There will also be a MASSIVE prop replica Gremlin.

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ET: The last E.T. toys were produced by Geoffrey Inc., as Toys ‘R’ Us exclusives, for the film’s 20th Anniversary. For the film’s 30th Anniversary, the reins are being handed to NECA. NECA’s line will be a mixture of loving recreations of classic toys from the past, in addition to brand-new sculpts.

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Horror Movies: Finally, from NECA, we have the latest additions to their Horror Movie ranges, focusing on new Nightmare on Elm St. and Friday the 13th figures.

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That does it for NECA. Thanks to Randy Falk at NECA.


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