Mattel WWE Special Feature: Line Overview


Mattel’s WWE line has arrived at retail. i will be reviewing the entire first wave and will have exclusive in package and loose images. Here is an overview.

The line consists of three distinct segments.





Basic Figures: These are the “bread and butter” of the line. Highly detailed figures with 15 point of articulation and no accessories. There are six figures per wave and a new wave will be released approximately every other month. The Basic waves will alternate with Pay Per View themed waves

.Two-Packs: Two packs of selected Superstars, usually representing either a tag team or a famous rivalry. These will be released approximately every other month.

Elite Collection: This is the “fan service” line and the real prize of the line. They have real cloth clothing and authentic entrance attire and accessories. They will be released in six figure waves, approximately every other month.

Wrestling Rings: All of these Superstars need someplace to wrestle, so Mattel has created rings representing the three main WWE brands: RAW, SmackDown and ECW. It is expected that Mattel will release several PAy Per View themed rings as well.


Flexforce: This is the “kid-friendly” line, and it promises something seldom seen: action features without the need for a lever or button. The figures are”spring-loaded” and the packaging for these figures has a unique “tryMe” element, encouraging you to test out the features. The current release schedule for waves of these figures is unknown.

The reviews will be structured as follows: The Basic line will be reviewed first, followed by the two packs, then the Elite, the ring and finally the Flexforce.


Finally, I just want to comment on the packaging. It is very well designed, with large images of the Superstars on the front. Also, furthering Mattel’s theme that the entire line exists in one WWE toy Universe, all of the packaging has the same look and theme, a bold, angular look, with a red and black color scheme. Here is a look at all of the different elements of the line in their similar packaging.

All in all, I personally love this line, so far. The presentation is slick, the product looks great and I think Mattel will do right by WWE fans. The reviews start with the Basic Series, so check them out. All of the products you see reviewed are on shelves now.

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