NYCC ’09 Hasbro’s Marvel Figures

Hasbro brought a number of new figures, and a few new product lines to Comic Con this year. Let’s start with the additions

Spectacular Spider-Man

The animated series line will see a new assortment released that includes the first figure of the the animated version of the Vulture.

Spider-Man Classics

The phenomenal looking line featuring some top-notch sculpts will continue this year with new figures, including an amazing Scorpion-Venom figure.

Iron Man

The movie line will contunue with new armors, each with signature play features.

Mighty Muggs

Hasbro’s vinyl line will continue with new characters, such as Phoenix and Classic Cyclops

Now, on to the new stuff. The big deal this year is that the main Marvel action figure scale is changing to 3.75″ It all starts with the new main line and continues through other Marvel properties. here is a look at the new scale lines.

Marvel Universe

This is the new “main” Marvel line. The line features characters for all corners of the Marvel Universe. These figures are done very well and each comes with a Superhuman Registration Card and other accessories. More information about this line will be available at Toy Fair.

70 Heroes for 70 Years

Hasbro is planning to make 70 Marvel Universe figures to celebrate Marvel’s 70th Anniversary. They have already decided on 65 of them, but they want your help to determine the last 5. Go to and vote now.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

One of the biggest movie lines of the year may have big problems. I am hopeful that what I saw at Comic Con were just prototypes and not the final figures. The face sculpts are fairly awful and I could see this line failing at retail if something is not done. I am holding out hope. We’ll see what Toy Fair brings.

Wolverine and the X-Men

The new animated series is fantastic. The accompanying toy line, however, leaves much to be desired. These figures are definitely made for kids with day-glo color schemes and power specific accessories. I can’t honestly see anyone over 10 buying these.

That does it for Hasbro’s Marvel presentation. I hope to see and hear more at next week’s American International Toy Fair.

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