NYCC ’09: Mattel Booth Report

Mattel brought some of their new offerings to Comic Con. I will only touch on the newer items that I saw.

DC Infinite Heroes

The highly successful 3.75″ line continues. New additions include the Joker and Batwoman. There will be an exclusive Anti-Monitor figure that will be sold at the San Diego Comic Con. Also, Mattel will be raffling off 5 4-foot tall Anti-Monitor figures.

The Dark Knight

Movie Masters will continue. New figures include Harvey Dent, Two Face, a new Joker without his overcoat, Bank robbery Joker and Batman in his pre-Batsuit climbing gear.


These figures are based on the classic movie look and will only be available on the Matty Collector website, They will come in both 6″ and 12″ scales. They have also shown a Slimer figure. There will be lights and action features . More details will be coming soon.

That’s a quick look at Mattel at Comic Con. There will be a much larger report about Mattel when Toy Fair takes place next week.

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