Star Trek Movie Toys Revealed

Last week, Playmates unveiled their first wave of toys based on the new movie Star Trek, due out in May, directed by J.J. Abrahms. The line includes multiple figure scales and vehicles and role play accessories. Read on for all the details.

Playmates and Trek – together again in April
Playmates Toys, king of Trek toys in the 90s, is back in a big way with an extensive collection of toys and figures for the new Star Trek movie. This first wave from Playmates arrives April 19th and should be in all the big stores like Toys R Us, Target and Wal-Mart, as well as online at the usual toy sites (like Entertainment Earth).

Galaxy Collection’ Action Figures (3 3/4″) [$7/each]

The big item for kids (and collectors) will be the 3.75″ action figures. Playmates has a set of 10 planned for wave one. The 3.75″ figures are highly detailed, fully-articulated, and come with removable utility belt, Phaser, and standing base. The set includes six figures in their ‘Enterprise Outfit’ (Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu, & Pike), McCoy and Chekov in ‘Cadet Outfit,’ plus ‘Original Spock’ (Nimoy), and Nero.

Each 3.75” figure (above) comes with a specific Bridge or Transporter Room playset accessory that allows you build out the entire Bridge and Transporter Room playset when you collect all the 3.75” figures. You combine those elements with the two ‘core’ playsets.

Star Trek Bridge Playset w/figure [$25]

This authentic playset simulates the Bridge environment from Star Trek movie. The core set comes with a 3.75″ Kirk figure and includes the floorplan map, captain’s chair, front console, view screen and two side screens. Additional bridge pieces will come with 3.75″ figures to build out the complete bridge playset.

Transporter Room Playset w/figure [$30]

Interactive playset simulates ‘Transport feature’ from Star Trek movie. Any 3.75″ Star Trek figure can be placed into Transport Cylinder and ‘transported’ to other locations.
Transporter Playset includes authentic lights and sounds, a transport platform base, and a 3.75″ Scotty figure. Additional Transporter pieces will come with 3.75″ figures to build out the complete transporter playset.

Because of retailer shelf space concerns, playsets are less common than they were in the 1980s and before. That Star Trek is getting two playsets is a sign of the commitment and confidence Playmates Toys has in this line. The inclusion of Bridge and Transporter playset items with the figures are a fun idea both for collectors and a value-added surprise for those who enjoy opening their toys.

‘Warp Collection’ Action Figures (6″) [$9/each]
Playmates Toys also has a set of ten 6″ figures. This line is a bit more life-like and the figures are fully

articulated and come outfitted with soft, flexible PVC shirts. Accessories include standing base, removable utility belt and a signature movie phaser and communicator. The set includes five figures in their ‘Enterprise Outfit’ (Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Sulu, & Pike), three figures in ‘Cadet Outfit’ (McCoy, Chekov & Uhura), plus ‘Original Spock’ (Nimoy), and Nero

This sized line is a kind of hybrid toy that could be used primarily for play or for display. The Playmates Toys items feature good, and in some instances excellent, likenesses of the characters (especially McCoy and Nero).

‘Command Collection’ Action Figures (12″)

The ultimate set for collectors, Playmates Toys’ 12″ figures are life-like, and fully articulated. Clothing and uniforms for each figure is made of fabric with the utmost attention paid to style and detail. Each also comes with signature accessories. The four figures offered are Kirk, Spock and McCoy (all in ‘Enterprise Outfit’), plus Original Spock. There will also be an additional Nero, which is an exclusive for one of the big retailers.

The 12″ line has different purposes that the 6″ and 3.75″ lines. 12 inch figures are often about displayability, while 3.75″ are about playability. The larger size and utilization of cloth is especially a benefit for both costume and accessory detailing as is revealed in the USA Today picture. Having an exclusive item like Nero also adds to the fun of collecting.

Electronic Role Play Toys [$15 each]
Are you ready to feel like a kid again? Get ready to play ‘landing party’ with three role-playing toys from Playmates, based on the actual props from the Star Trek movie. Each features lights and sounds.

Electronic Starfleet Phaser
The electronic Starfleet Phaser is constructed of vacuum-metalized ABS and makes authentic Star Trek movie sounds when activated. The gun barrel pivots horizontally to switch from Stun to Vaporize, with each setting having its own set of lights and sounds.

Electronic Tricorder
Lights-up and makes authentic Star Trek movie sounds when buttons are pressed.
Also features sound-off activation sounds and spring-loaded top and front door covers.

Electronic Starfleet Communicator
This roleplay item is based on the Starfleet Communicator used in the movie. The cover manually flips open to reveal the Starfleet Federation logo. Press the activation buttons to see authentic

lights and hear character phrases from the movie.

While certainly meant for play, the Playmates Toys role playing items also have an appeal for collectors and fans of Trek tech. The tricorder, phaser, and communicator toys offer an alternative for those who do not wish to spend hundreds of dollars on prop replicas yet who still want to own nicely detailed versions of this troika of Trek icons.

Enterprise Iconic Vehicle [$30]
Authentic and detailed scaled model of USS Enterprise ship as seen in Star Trek movie. Features U.S.S. Enterprise sound effects and real Kirk and Spock dialogue from the Star Trek movie. The ship comes with a Delta Shield display base (with ball/socket attachment tip) that attaches to bottom of ship’s lower hull, and allows user to pivot ship 360’.

Starship toys, and the amazing variety of the offerings, were one of the best things about the original 1990s Playmates Toys Star Trek line. What is nice is that Playmates Toys has remembered what was good about their original line, and added modern sensibilities and detailing. The Enterprise is thankfully a manageable size (sometimes a problem with Star Wars toys) and this is another example of Playmates Toys nicely blending the preferences of those who play and those display.

I loved Playmates’ earlier Satr Trek lines and can’t wait to see more of this line. I hope to have exclusive pictures and information during our coverage of the 2009 American International Toy Fair.

Well, now, since you’re probably excited about the toy line, here is the latest trailer to get you hyped about the movie.

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