Toy Fair 2010: Shocker Toys



Next up in our Toy Fair coverage is a visit to one of our favorite companies: Shocker Toys. It’s no secret the past couple of years haven’t been the most enjoyable for Geoff Beckett, Shocker Toys’ CEO. Production delays and distribution problems led to a number of unexpected and unfortunate delays in the release of Series One of their marquee line: Indie Spotlight. Critics began to openly bash Geoff, the company and the figures, which many believed were fake and which many people speculated would never come out. Despite all this, Geoff has persevered, believing the finished product would speak for itself, which it did. Earlier tis year, Geoff was able to shut those critics up,a s the figures were not only released, but quickly garnered praise and sold out at stores nationwide. Now, Geoff is prepping Series two for release, with two more series in the works. In addition Indie Spotlight, however, Geoff is also looking to revolutionize the vinyl figure market with a enw line called Mallows. Now, I could write several lines of text all about what Shocker has in store, but I believe it’s better for you to hear it from the “horse’s mouth” so to speak. So, here, in the FIRST EVER Figures and More VIDEO INTERVIEW is Shocker Toys’ CEO: Mr. Geoff Beckett.

I am thrilled that things have finally turned around for Geoff. He’s a really nice guy, who is definitely not afraid to speak his mind. I’d have loved to be able to pick his brain a little longer, but that’s judst not possible in the Toy Fair maelstrom. But, I hope to interview Geoff again in the near future. Here are some pics of Shocker’s display from Toy Fair.

My thanks to Geoff Beckett for his assistance. For more information on Shocker’s products, visit

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