Toy Fair Coverage: MEZCO

Next up we’re traveling to Mezco, famous in recent years for their line of South Park and Family Guy figures among other products, who had a brand new license to show off this year.

Toy Fair Report: MEZCO

You have to travel to the very back row of the Javits Center’s lower level to seek out the large white tent that marks the Mezco booth. Mezco, famous in recent years for their line of South Park and Family Guy figures among other products, had a brand new license to show off this year. Mezco has been awarded the action figure license for the biggest show this year, NBC’s hit drama Heroes. This is a huge license for Mezco to be awarded and they have three series of figures already in the pipeline. In addition, building on the success of their action figure line for the first Hellboy movie, Mezco has secured the license for the sequel, Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Here is our report on the latest from Mezco.

HEROES: As anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows, Heroes is one of the most exciting new entertainment properties to come along in recent memory. The show, about ordinary people discovering their hidden superpowers and how they use them, is one of NBC’s hottest series. Mezco has announced a comprehensive line based on the show’s characters. The main figures in the line will be 7” and each figure will come with an accessory, such as shoulder bags and/or alternate hands and heads. Mezco has announced 3 series of 7” Heroes figures so far.

139_edited-1.jpg140_edited-1.jpgSeries 1, which is available for order now, consists of: Hiro Nakamura, Claire Bennet, Sylar, Peter Petrelli and Mohinder Suresh.  


Series 2, out later this year, consists of: Noah Bennet, Niki/Jessica Sanders, Matt Parkman, Future Peter and Mr. Linderman.  

145_edited-1.jpg146_edited-1.jpgSeries 3, which is still pending approval, is currently scheduled to consist of: Nathan Petrelli, Adam Monroe, The Haitian, Hiro Nakamura in Kensei Armor and Elle Bishop.

150_edited-1.jpgThere are also 4” and 9“figures planned. The 4” figures will be available in both single carded and box sets. All of the 9” figures will feature real clothing. 


HELLBOY: THE GOLDEN ARMY: The sequel to the well received Hellboy movie from a couple of years ago is coming out in theaters July 11th. Mezco has the license for the movie and they have created some truly stunning figures for the line. Like the Heroes line, the Hellboy line will encompass three different sizes: 3.75”, 7” and 18”. Mezco has announced two series of 7” figures so far.

157_edited-1.jpg158_edited-1.jpg159_edited-1.jpgSeries 1 will consist of: Hellboy, Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman, Johann Krauss, Wink and Prince Nuada.  

161_edited-1.jpgSeries 2, which is still pending approval, is scheduled to consist of: Hellboy, Wounded Hellboy, Princess Nuada, Goblin and the Angel of Death, which is absolutely breathtaking. Each 7” figure will include accessories. There are also 2 3.75” figure box sets planned. Each box set will have 4 figures. Set 1 consists of: Hellboy, Liz Sherman, Wink and Johann Krauss.

163_edited-1.jpgSet 2, which is pending approval, is scheduled to consist of: Hellboy, Abe Sapien, Prince Nuada and the Angel of Death. 


172_edited-1.jpg171_edited-1.jpg170_edited-1.jpgAll figures will come with accessories and display bases. Finally, Hellboy himself gets the 18” treatment. This ultra deluxe figure will come with the following accessories: Samaritan, Big Baby Shotgun, Utility Belt, Real Trenchcoat and a Real Cloth Shirt. In addition, it will feature 12 points of articulation. 

154_edited-1.jpgIn addition to the products featured above, Mezco has announced that they will be re-releasing several previous Family Guy action figures. They will also be creating new box sets of the main characters for both Family Guy and South Park. They have also announced a license for the Will Eisner character The Spirit. 

This license will cover both the classic version of the character and the new movie, currently in production, which is being directed by Frank Miller. No product details or images have been released yet. Finally, Mezco has several products, which are currently pending approval, based on the classic movie “The Warriors.” The most impressive of these are the 9” figures, which are slated to feature 40 points of articulation. Once the designs are final, we expect more information on these products.