Secret Invasion Trailers

Well, the second issue of Marvel’s summer blockbuster Secret Invasion hit shelves last week. If you haven’t read this or the first issue you are doing yourself a great disservice as this is shaping up to be one of the most impressive storylines that Marvel has produced in years. The shear enormity of the story and the potential fall out is staggering. Stay tuned to this website for reviews and news concerning this amazing feat of story telling. Until then, if you are new to the storyline and are not sure what is going on, click the link to check out two videos from Marvel that give a great preview of the storyline. (WARNING: Some spoilers are included in the videos.)
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Batman R.I.P. comics previews

The time of the summer blockbuster is upon us. For Batman and friends, this summer will be one that they will never forget. Click the link to check out the pictures and synopses of the first seven issues of this groundbreaking storyline. (SPOILER WARNING: Some of the synopses contain information you may not want to read if you want to be totally surprised as the storyline progresses.)

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Final Crisis Preview

DC Comics’ world changing cross-over, Final Crisis, is nearly upon us. This story arc plans to change the scope of the entire DC Universe forever. In preparation of the coming story, DC has released images and summaries of the first three installments of this story. Click below for the images and summaries.

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