Toy Fair 2012: Screenlife

This year, Screenlife continues the restructuring that began last year, when the maker of the popular series of  Scene-It? DVD games became a part of Paramount Digital Entertainemt. That alliance has proved the impetus for a new start and a scaleback on product.

This year, Screenlife is only announcing two new games, but oh, what games they are.

First off, the game that brought them to the dance, the original Scene It?, will return to shelves this Fall as Scene it? Movie Night. Here is the official description.

Scene It? Movie Night

This crowd-pleasing entertainment trivia game challenges player knowledge of the silver screen with all-new amazing clips, captivating trivia, and the most popular on-screen puzzles from the biggest Hollywood blockbusters of the past 20 years. From comedy classics like Wayne’s World and The Naked Gun, to edge-of-your-seat thrillers including Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity – to recent Oscar nominated films like True Grit and Bridesmaids, the fast-paced, star-powered fun makes Scene It? Movie Night THE party starter for both casual movie buffs and diehard film fanatics. Pass the popcorn, gather friends and family, and get ready to play Scene It? Movie Night! Available Fall 2012, ages 13+.

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Scene It? Star Wars

From the Battle of Naboo to the birth of Luke Skywalker, from the rise of Darth Vader to the fall of the Galactic Empire – Scene It? Star Wars delivers hours of fun spanning the complete Star Wars film saga. As one of the engaging new puzzle types introduced in this landmark title, the “Jedi Archives” challenges players to solve puzzles utilizing behind-the- scenes film assets, from storyboards, production stills, concept art and more.  The Force will need to be with fans as they try to solve the “Finish the Line” puzzles, which task Star Wars devotees to complete key dialogue from the films.  The “Imperial Listening Post” incorporates the fantastic sound effects of Star Wars, as players endeavor to identify the iconic hum of lightsabers, or the inspiration of Chewbacca’s signature voice. Emulating R2-D2’s famous projector, “Holonet Disruptions” presents clues in holographic projections, as first depicted in the original Star Wars.  Available Fall 2012, ages 13+.

That’s right. That is not a typo. STAR WARS SCENE IT? is coming. To say that this is a big deal is no small understatement. I can’t wait to see what the final game comes out looking like. The sneak peak of the questions we were shown on Screenlife’s impressive video wall was enough to create major anticipation for the final game. i think this could be one of the highest selling, if not THE highest selling Scene It? games of all time.

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I have a feeling that, despite the fact that they are only releasing two games this year, this will be one of the biggest years yet for Screenlife. The anticipation they have built up in me for Star Wars Scene It? is going to make the months of waiting that are now in store for me that much more excruciating. But, I am full of certainty that the end result will be well worth it.

That does it for Screenlife. Thanks to Andre Lawless at Screenlife


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