Toy Fair 2020: Spin Master

Words by: Rob Hull

Photos by: Peter Trifiatis and Nate Allen

The makers of Paw Patrol have “grown up” in a big way over the last couple of years, most especially last year, with the acquisition of the Monster Jam and DC Multiverse licenses. And, having hit it out of the park with the first wave of product for these licenses, the sky looks to be the limit for them. In fact, if what we saw at Toy Fair is any indication, there may be no stopping their momentum.

The Batman and DC Multiverse lines, which have been huge hits since their introduction in January, continue with new waves of figures, introducing new characters which continue their “deep dive” into DC. New Batman 4″ figures include “Flashpoint” Batman, Talon, Catwoman, Robin (Damian Wayne w/hood), Copperhead, Bronze Tiger, Firefly, an Alex Ross inspired Joker and “New 52″ Nightwing. New 12″ figures include Copperhead, Alex Ross Joker and Talon. Also new in the Fall for the 4” Batman line is a, RC Batmobile with a special Batman figure that will launch the figure into the air, and a spectacular modular 3 level Batcave playset, that will feature a Gotham City street scene on the opposite side and will feature an armory, computer area and jail cell, as well as a light up feature.

The DC Multiverse line will also introduce new 4″ figures including Wonder Woman, Black Manta, Aquaman, Reverse Flash, Brainiac, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Gorilla Grodd and Lex Luthor (in Battle Armor). New 12″ figures shown include Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

Monster Jam continues to roll along, with new waves of trucks being introduced throughout the year, as well as the new “Reveal the Steel” color changing trucks, the RC Megladon and the Transforming Hauler slated for release in Fall.

Paw Patrol continues it’s dominance of the pre-school market, and the next theme is one that should have no problem appealing to their target demographic. The pups are about to come face-to-face, or I guess I should say snout-to-snout, with DINOSAURS! The new Dino Rescue theme, launching in the Fall, will not only feature Dino Gear for all of the existing pups, but will also introduce a BRAND NEW pup named Rex, who will be a sort of “dino whisperer.” He will also be the series’ first disabled pup, and his hind legs will be in a motorized wheelchair-type vehicle. In a nice bit of design, his vehicle will include a chair ramp, as will all of the larger vehicles in the line. The Dino Patroller will also be the line’s first motorized vehicle. Outside of the “main” line, the Real Metal segment will also be introducing new items, chief among them a new Lookout playset, with two ramps which allow you to launch two cars at once, simulating the process on the show.

In addition to all of this, Spin Master also has new items in their Bakugan, Hatchimals and Tech Deck lines on tap, as well as an awesome new robot line built on the foundation of one of my favorite Spin Master products, Boxer. They are called Ninjabots, and they are pretty hilarious.

I could talk about everything Spin Master had for ages, but you really just want to see the pictures, so here they are.

Special Thanks to Brock McLaughlin at Spin Master for his help