Toy Fair 2020: ZuRu

Words by: Rob Hull

Pictures by: Nate Allen

ZuRu set the “blind packaged” toy world on fire last year due to a little product called 5 Surprise Real Brands. These little balls, containing miniature versions of real grocery items, became one of the hottest commodities of the holiday season. This year, the 5 Surprise line expand to Unicorns and Toys, as well as a second series of mini brands.

Aside from mini brands, ZuRu also has a refresh of their popular Boppi, the Booty Shaking Llama as well as a new character: Fifi, the Flossing Sloth. They also have new items in their Robo Alive, Metal Machines and the ultra popular Rainbowcorns lines. They also have a new line called Coco Cones. They also have several items based on the popular Baby Shark property.

Aside from all these cool toys, our ZuRu appointment offers us the chance to visit with one of our favorite people in the industry: Janis VanTine. Janis is always extremely gracious with us and she is a true delight to be around. Thanks to everyone at ZuRu for all of their assistance.

Here are our Zuru photos.

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