Toy Fair 2018 – TOMY

Toy Fair 2018 – TOMY

     Next up at Toy Fair is TOMY. Now, to be honest, we had lowered expectations from TOMY, due to the announcement last year that they would be losing the master Pokémon license to Wicked Cool Toys.  They are however, retaining a limited Pokémon license, allowing the to still release a small amount of product, most notably their “Petite Pals” miniature line, which they introduced last  

     Beyond that, TOMY is still the master toy license holder for Sonic the Hedgehog, and they will be releasing new figures, plush and other items based on him.

      Also absent at TOMY, sadly, was the incredible Lightseekers property that we saw last year. Apparently, TOMY and the Lightseekers creators parted ways and Lightseekers is now working on a plan to reintroduce the brand.

     However, we did see a product at TOMY that we weren’t expecting, and we think will be a huge hit. It is called the KiiPix and it is an instant film printer for smartphones. It allows to print out a physical version on any picture in your photo library on your phone, and requires no special app or battery. It is priced at $39.99 and will be available in Summer. It uses FujiMax instant film, which is sold separately. Having tried it ourselves, we would like to say it is EXTREMELY easy to use.  

     Here is our gallery from TOMY

Thanks to Scott Goldberg for his assistance