Toy Fair Coverage: Popco Toys

Next up, we’re staying on the other side of the pond for a quick look at a line that breaks my heart, because it looks so good and I can’t get my hands on it. So, this is just a quick tease from Popco Toys, that carries with it some hope.

Toy Fair Report: Popco Toys

I am willing to bet that the majority of you reading this have never heard of Popco Toys. I will admit, until last year, I hadn’t either. Popco is an offshoot company of a company quite a few people in America have heard of, Corgi. Though Corgi is best known for die cast vehicle replicas, it turns out they do action figures too. So, you ask what drew my attention to Popco? Two words: Harry Potter. You see, Popco is the British company with the UK master toy license for Harry Potter. They have chosen to go with the 3.75″ figure size, but the difference is in the detail. For small scale, the figures look amazing and have some cloth clothing and incredibly intricate accessories. The other big deal is that they have decided to do figures of all the characters. For example, there is an Argus Filch figure in the Popco line. In addition, they have brought Hogwarts to life like never before with a series of scale play sets including an absolutely breathtaking Great Hall. They also have role play items, such as wands and Death Eater masks. All of this makes me very sad and angry. Why? Because Popco does not have worldwide distribution. Namely, there is no U.S. distribution for this line. SO, the only way for Americans to get these figures is to pay hefty import rates from the U.K. However, Popco has said they are working on a worldwide agreement for their Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince line, slated to hit next Fall. I am hopeful they will get the agreement signed.

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