Out of Box Experience: WWE Elimination Chamber by Mattel (Ringside Collectibles Exclusive)

Welcome to the first edition of my new unboxing/review series “Out of Box Experience”. In this series, a short review and pictures here will be accompanied by a video unboxing/review on YouTube.

     First up is an incredible WWE playset by Mattel, based on one of my favorite “gimmick matches”, the Elimination Chamber. Created during the firsst reign of Eric Bischoff as RAW General Manager, the original Elimination Chamber was a dome like structure made of black steel supports, with walls of black steel chain. The structure fits over the ring and there is a steel platform between the ring and the chamber wall. In line with the four corners of the ring are four plexiglass “pods”. The match is designed for 6 participants. Two participants start in the ring. The other four are each locked in one of the four pods. Superstars are randomly released from the pods at periodic intervals. The match is the main event of the Pay Per View event that shares it’s name.

     The original round version of the chamber debuted in 2002, and was used until 2017, when the new square version that is used today debuted.

     This version of the chamber is the one that is represented in this playset. This playset, available exclusively on Ringside Collectibles, is scaled for the 6″ Basic and Elite figures, and comes with an AJ Styles figure. Assembly of the playset is pretty simple. The instructions do a great job of leading you through each step of assembly. Though obviously made of plastic, the chamber walls are still reasonably substantial and do a great job of recreating the structure. Also well done are the plexiglass pods. It all clicks together nicely, and the end result is fairly impressive. The roof panel are hinged and open independently of each other and link together through a series of tabs.

     The only real caveat with this product is the opening of the pod doors. The channel they slide in and out of of is very thin and sometimes the doors stick a little and require a bit of force to get them sliding, but other than that, this is a very well done playset. Note also that although this playset will fit around any of the “standard” Mattel WWE 6″ figure rings, it will NOT work with any Elite Scale Ring. You need a MUCH bigger chamber for that.

     The AJ Styles figure that comes with the set is a Basic style figure, with white tights. It’s not remarkable, but it is a nice inclusion.

      I found this playset completely lived up to it’s billing and did a great job of replicating the structure which it is based on. You can pick yours up from Ringside Collectibles by clicking here

       Here are some photos of the set

Thanks to Scott, Marissa and Clara at Mattel for their assistance with this review.

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