Out of Box Experience: WWE/Mattel Elite Figures by Mattel

This is the second in our new unboxing/review series. This time up, it’s the new WWE/Ghostbusters Elite Figure Series by Mattel.

This awesome series of Elite Style figures is the sort of “spiritual successor” of the WWE Zombies line, in that it takes the familiar WWE Superstars and reimagines them in new roles.

In this case, the Undertaker has stolen the WWE Championship Belt and taken in back to the Dark Side. Naturally, a group of former WWE Champions decides to do something about this. So, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, John Cena, The Rock and Shawn Michaels strap on the Ghostbuster gear and set out to recapture the title.

Each of these figures have detailed Ghostbusters accessories , including Proton Packs. Austin, Cena and the Rock also come with cloth attire.

NOTE: There is an error in the video concerning the availability of these figures. THEY ARE EXCLUSIVE TO WALMART. WE apologize for the error.

You can get your hands on these figures at Walmart or Walmart.com.

Here is our gallery of photos.

My Special Thanks again to Mattel for providing these figures for review

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