Toy Fair 2015 – Jakks Pacific

Toy Fair coverage continues with a look at what’s next from Jakks Pacific. Jakks has undergone a bit of personnel restructuring this year, making a very big addition. Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich, the man behind MattyCollector, and most specifically, Masters of the Universe Classics, has joined Jakks as their Vice President of Boy’s Brands. Scott promised “big things” from Jakks this year, and as you will see in the report, he wasn’t kidding. One of their biggest licenses is the World of Nintendo, but their biggest products come from a galaxy far, far, away. Read 0n, and you’ll see what I mean.

Figures and More @ Toy Fair 2015: Jakks Pacific

Photos by Peter Trifiatis

The Jakks Pacific briefing took place right after the early morning LEGO event, and, as anyone who has ever met him will tell you, there is no better combination for making sure you’re awake then Scott Neitlich, a small room, and a microphone. Scott spok will all of the fervor and excitement he has become renown for. Now full awake and re-energized, I began to examine Jakks’ offerings for 2015. Here is what I found.

World of Nintendo

Jakks announced at Toy Fair that they have acquired the license to the entire world of Nintendo, meaning any characters from games made by Nintendo can be made into figures. There are 5 different scales to the line:

  • 1″ is the starting scale, where Scott says you will find the most characters and the most complete lineup of characters.
  • 2.5″ is the first of three scales which will all be in scale to each other. One of the new figures announced at Toy Fair was Invincibility Mario.
  • 4″ scale figures will feature characters larger than the ones made at 2.5″. For example a Link figure made on the 4″ scale, will be in scale with the 2.5″ Mario figure mentioned above.
  • 6″ is the Deluxe scale and features larger sized figures that are scaled to the rest of the sizes. Shown at Toy fair were the Baby Metroid from Super Metroid and Ganondorf from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. The baby Metroid has a “squishy” dome head and Ganondorf has a very ornate robe. The 6″ Ganondorf figure is scale with both the 4″ adult Link figure AND the 2.5″ Toon Link figure.
  • 20″ is the “Super” Scale. This year at Toy Fair, Jakks unveiled 20″ figures of Link (adult look, with sword and shield), Fireball Mario and Gold Mario

2015 marks the 30th Anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). To celebrate, Jakks is releasing a series of 8 bit plush pillows with sound. Designs shown at Toy Fair include Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros. and Link from The Legend of Zelda. There is also a line of 4″ 8-bit figures planned, but no designs were shown.

Also, in a Q&A, Scott noted that Smash Bros. would not be part of the World of Nintendo line, as Jakks does not have the rights to characters not created by Nintendo.

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Jakks had made a 48″ Michaelangelo figure, based on the style of the new animated series. There are no words that can accurately describe how big this is, so I am going to let the pictures do it for me.



In fact, Mikey was such a presence, he decided to hold his own press conference. Rumors are swirling that he is considering running in 2016. I have to say, he does look good behind a podium.


Jakks has also confirmed that more 48″ turtles are coming.

Jakks Giants

This year marks an interesting shift for Jakks, as most of their products will be 20″ scale or above, topping out at 48″. These figures will be produced in a variety of licenses, including DC and Marvel Comics, Minions, Godzilla and Power Rangers. All of these figures have at least 7 points of articulation and are highly detailed accurate sculpts. 20″ figures retail for $20, Godzilla retails for $50.

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Star Wars

Far and away, the biggest license in the Jakks Giants program is Star Wars. And here, the ambition is no less than to to recreate the Star Wars Universe in 20″ scale! But, for those who need larger, Jakks is ready to oblige with 31″ figures and a amazing 48″ Darth Vader room guard, which will have lights and sound. The Vader will retail for $99.   There will be a 31″ Han and Luke in Stormtrooper outfit exclusive to Toys “R” Us. Figures in the 20″ scale will come from both the Rebels animated series and the Classic Saga.

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Jakks’ Disney offering fall into two separate ranges.

  • Disney Princess & Me: This is a range of high end collector dolls based on everyone’s favorite princesses.
  • Disney Fairies: These dolls depict Tinkerbell and all of her fairy friends and come in standard and deluxe versions.

Jakks’ Disney line was also home to the “Snow Glow Elsa” doll that was one of this year’s “Toy of the Year” Award Winners. Congratulations to Jakks for this great honor.


Finally, it was also announced at Toy Fair that Jakks has been awarded the Master Toy License for the new WarCraft movie, due in 2016. They have announced plans for a full line of figures in various scales. More details to come. For now, we are allowed to show you these two preview images.

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And on that note, It’s time to end this report. Thanks to Anne-Marie Grill and Lauren Webby at Jakks for their assistance. Keep checking back for more of our coverage from Toy Fair 2015.