Toy Fair 2020: DC Direct

Words by: Rob Hull

Pictures by: Nate Allen

Yes, you read that correctly. The company that was DC Collectibles has changed their name back to DC Direct to emphasize that they are the first party source for DC Entertainment items. We toured the booth with one of our perennial favorites, the inimitable Jim Fletcher.

The offerings are led by the newly announced Batman: The Adventures Continue line, which brings characters that did not appear in BTAS to life in that style, while also allowing for a refresh of characters such as Batman, Robin and Joker that fans might not have been able to get their hands on during their initial run. New characters introduced through this line include Azrael as Batman, Red Hood and the first ever figure from DC Direct of the Batman Who Laughs. These figures will also compliment the recently announced comic.

Also new from DC Direct in the action figure segment is a line, in the “Essentials” style, based on the limited series DCeased, by Tom Taylor, which is essentially the DC version of a zombie apocalypse. The figures, featuring “zombified” versions of DC heroes and villains, are beautifully sculpted in gruesome detail and absolutely terrifying. Figures include Superman, Batman and the Joker.

Alongside the figures, are, of course, DC Direct’s legendary statue lines, led by the Batman: Black and White and Harley Quinn: Red, White and Black lines. Joining them this year is a new statue line based on the Joker. There are also several other statues, of all shapes and sizes, coming from DC Direct. Get your wallets ready, it’s gonna be a great year!

Thanks again to Jim Fletcher and Lindsey Kiesel.

Here are the photos.

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