Toy Fair 2020: Mezco

Words by: Rob Hull

Pictures by: Nate Allen

It’s that time of year again. But, it’s a little different this year. Why? Well for starters, I’m not standing in the Javitts Center in New York at 6AM waiting for the LEGO Breakfast to start. I’m not complaining. I’m just saying, it was weird. I had kind of gotten used to it. But, I digress. Unless you have not been following along, or you just didn’t read the title of this post, you know it is Toy Fair time again. We have been to New York, we saw the booths, we talked to the people, we (well, mostly one of us) took the photos. Now, the real work begins. Namely, bringing those photos to you.

We begin at Mezco, where their One:12 Collective line has been setting the collectible figure market on fire, due to the breadth of licenses that are a part of it. Since it’s inception, the line has featured stunning new versions of beloved characters, and the quality has been exceptional. This year, Mezco has added some more amazing licenses and is poised to continue their domination. Also, this year, Mezco showed off another figure of their mascot character, Gomez, this time sporting a golden head.

But, outside of Mezco, and exciting new line from Mezco called Five Points is making some serious waves, and their Living Dead Dolls and Mezco Designer Series (MDS) lines are also still going strong. Here’s alook at what Mezco has in store this year.

Highlights for me included the Five Points 1966 Batman set, the Alien and Predator One:12 figures and the Scooby Doo Living Dead Dolls.

Special Thanks to Mike Drake, Damien and everyone at Mezco for their hospitality.

The Photos you were about to see were taken by our incredible Lead Photographer Nate Allen.

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